[Firefox Tips] Restore Search Box on Toolbar and Remove Extra Spaces Around Address Bar

[Firefox Tips] Restore Search Box on Toolbar and Remove Extra Spaces Around Address Bar

If you are regularly following this website, you might be aware of the upcoming version 57.0 of Mozilla Firefox which will feature a brand new user interface codenamed as “Photon UI“. The new UI will come with lots of changes such as new icon set, square tabs, colored title bar, redesigned compact main menu, enhanced new tab page, re-organized preferences page and many more new features.

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You can learn more about the new Photon UI in our exclusive review article given at the following link:

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If you want to test drive these new features, you can download and install Firefox Nightly build in your computer which is actually a testing build of Firefox browser to test new features and changes. We are also regularly posting all new updates about the upcoming Firefox 57.0 version in our Nightly updates topic which can be found at following link:

Mozilla Firefox Nightly Updates

Today in this topic we are going to address two changes implemented in the new Photon UI which will be a part of Firefox 57.0 and later versions.

First thing is the addition of extra spaces around the address bar. Mozilla has added extra white spaces at the left and right sides of the address bar to align the address bar to the center. Look-wise it may look nice but those extra spaces waste the toolbar space and some people may find the spaces annoying.


Second thing is the removal of the search box from the toolbar. Mozilla has removed the classic search box from the toolbar as the search functionality has already been implemented in the address bar long time back, so basically the extra search box on the toolbar was useless as users can search using the address bar.

If you want to remove extra spaces around the address bar and want to restore the classic separate search box on the toolbar in Mozilla Firefox, this tutorial will help you.

TIP 1: Remove Extra Spaces Around the Address Bar

Removing the spaces is very easy and simple. Actually Mozilla has brought back the “Flexible Space” item in toolbar customize window which can be added anywhere on the toolbar to put some extra spaces between toolbar icons.

You just need to right-click on the extra spaces and select “Remove from Toolbar” option. It’ll immediately delete the extra spaces from the toolbar.


TIP 2: Restore Classic Search Box on Toolbar

To bring back the search box on toolbar, you’ll need to use following steps:

1. Right-click on the toolbar or tab bar and select “Customize” option. It’ll open toolbar customize window. You can also select the customize option from Firefox main menu.

2. Now look in the toolbar customize window and you’ll find the search box item present in the list.


3. Click and hold on the search box item and drag-n-drop it to the toolbar next to the addressbar.


4. That’s it. Click on “Done” button and the search box has been added successfully to the toolbar.


In future, if you want to remove the search box, right-click on the search icon present in the search box and select “Remove from Toolbar” option.

Mozilla is also planning to add a built-in option in Preferences page to show/hide search box on toolbar. Similar option is also available in Opera web browser.


Now Mozilla has added a new option in Firefox Preferences page to show/hide search box in Firefox toolbar. Open Firefox Options page, go to Search tab and enable “Add search bar in toolbar” option and it’ll immediately enable search box in toolbar: