First PlayStation 5 TV ad appears, see it here

Sony has release its first TV advert for the PlayStation 5, with 3D audio, adaptive triggers and haptic feedback being the focus.

Sadly, however, there are no price nor release date details as yet, but surely those will soon follow now that mass consumer hype is being ramped up.

The advert appeared on the PlayStation Hungary channel, with some thinking it had been posted in error. But that has soon followed by other official PlayStation YouTube channels, including its main one. You can watch the commercial above.

The PS5 will be released this holiday period in two guises: one will have a 4K Blu-ray disc drive, one will be digital only. Both with have the same spec, though.

We are eagerly awaiting pricing details as leaks suggest the next-gen console’s big rival, the Xbox Series X, will be $599 (around £500). Some believe the PlayStation 5 will undercut that, with the digital-only edition being cheaper still.

We shall see though, as Sony certainly isn’t skimping on specs and features.

The ad highlights two of the new aspects of the matching DualSense controller, which will give more tactile feedback than ever before. Also, 3D audio refers to the virtual surround sound technology the console will use – especially for those with headphones.

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