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FitXR will soon feature dance workouts alongside its boxing ones


FitXR is a virtual reality experience that gamifies exercise in some pretty fun ways with leaderboards, online competition and punchy tunes. Now the game is set to get even more fun thanks to the addition of dance-themed workouts.

Currently, FitXR helps Oculus Quest and Quest 2 owners burn calories and get in some daily exercise with virtual boxing routines of varying lengths and intensities.

The premise is straight forward enough – different coloured balls fly at you and you need to punch them in the right direction with perfect timing and speed. At the moment it works in a similar way to Beat Saber except it feels more like it’s aimed at helping you work out rather than just having a blast.

We’re big fans of FitXR and thoroughly enjoy trying to smash our own scores, achieve decent streaks and tracking our calories burnt during as workout. It’s a brilliant way to keep exercise interesting and make workouts feel less like “work” and more like fun. But boxing endlessly can get samey.

Now the developers are planning on working on releasing an update in November that will add dance workouts into the mix. Although the information is thin on the ground at the moment, it looks like that the dance routines will include a lot more leg and whole-body movements. Though FitXR currently features squats and lunges, it’ll be nice to have even more movement included.

This update is coming 5 November as a free update for current owners of the game.

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