Fix: Keyboard Not Working At Windows 10 Login Screen


Occasionally, when you at Windows 10 login screen, your PC’s keyboard stops responding or working. The mouse or touchpad continues to work without any issues. The keyboard doesn’t respond especially when you resume your PC from hibernation or sleep mode.

This is a serious problem for users who need to enter a password to sign-in to Windows 10. If you are also experiencing the issue, you will be glad to know that it has nothing to do with your keyboard or touchpad.

keyboard not working at windows 10 login screen

It’s purely a software issue, and the keyboard will start working once you sign-in to Windows 10. In other words, the keyboard doesn’t work only the login screen and works perfectly fine the moment you sign-in to your Windows 10 account.

If the keyboard is not working or responding at the login screen of Windows 10, you can use the below-mentioned troubleshooting tips to sign in to Windows 10 and make the keyboard working again.

Use on-screen keyboard to sign in to Windows 10

Since the touchpad or mouse works at the login screen, you can use the On-Screen Keyboard to sign in to Windows 10. As said earlier, the keyboard starts working without any issues once you sign in.

To enter the password using On-Screen Keyboard:

Step 1: Click the Ease of Access button located bottom of right of the login screen and then click On-Screen Keyboard to launch the same.

Step 2: Use the On-Screen Keyboard to type the password and sign in to Windows 10. That’s it!

The physical keyboard should work now.

Restart your PC

If the keyboard doesn’t work when you are at the login screen, you can simply restart your PC once to make the keyboard start functioning again. Click the power button at the login screen and then click Restart to reboot your PC.

However, note that you will lose all unsaved work when you reboot your PC.

Enable and use fingerprint sign-in

If your PC has a fingerprint scanner, we recommend you enable and use the fingerprint to sign-in to Windows 10. This method not only helps you sign in to Windows 10 faster but also more secure as well.

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