Fix: No sound in Chrome browser on Windows 10/8/7


We can’t deny that Google Chrome is the most popular web browser available today. To surpass Internet Explorer is no doubt a great achievement, but that doesn’t mean Chrome is without its problems. Having no sound or audio is one of them!

No sound in Chrome

You see, many Chrome users have come across a problem where the browser fails to play sound. For most, the easiest way to fix this problem is by restarting the browser or the entire Windows 10 operating system. But that does not always work!

The issue can be extremely frustrating, especially when one considers that other apps have sound, and only Chrome alone is acting up.

If you are facing no sound issues in Chrome, here are a few things you might want to try. But before you begin-

  1. Make sure that your Windows OS and Sound drivers are up-to-date
  2. Make sure that you have not muted the speaker sound on your PC
  3. Run the Playing Audio Troubleshooter from the Troubleshooters Page.
  4. Run Chrome Cleanup Tool to check if your browser has been hijacked.

Check the speaker volume

No sound in Chrome

Well, wouldn’t that be something? To find out if that’s indeed the case, right-click on the Speaker icon, then Open Volume Mixer. Right there you should see Chrome and whether or not it’s turned down.

This post will help you if the application is missing from the Volume Mixer.

Clear the cache and cookies

Not everyone knows this, but clearing the cache and or the cookies is a great way to clear up most problems Chrome might face.

To do this, click on the vertical dots at the top-right corner. Select More tools > Clear browsing data. Finally, select the amount of data you’re satisfied with clearing, then work your magic.

Reset settings in Chrome


If you’re not interested in going through all the trouble of uninstalling and reinstalling the web browser, then how about reverting the settings to its factory default stance? That’s easy enough, lazy.

To reset Chrome settings, click on the dots at the right-hand corner of the web browser. Select ‘Settings,’ ‘Advanced’ and then ‘Reset.’ That should do the trick wonderfully, but if not, there are other ways.

Reinstall Chrome

Finally, if nothing works, you might have to reinstall Chrome. Begin by closing Google Chrome and all of its instances. You can do this by clicking the “X” at the top-right corner, or to make sure everything is closed, right-click on the Taskbar., then select the Task Manager.

From here, simply search for all Chrome instances and click on End Task to close them.

Additionally, click on ‘Start’ > ‘Setting’ > Apps. After that, Select Google Chromes under ‘Apps and Features’ and click the Uninstall button.

Finally, download Chrome from the web, and then install it.

It doesn’t matter the amount of problems Chrome faces, it’s still the best web browser out there, and I recommend it until a better option comes up on the radar in the near or distant future.

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