Fix: Photoshop Elements app crashes on Windows 10 S


Some users have reported that the Photoshop Elements 15 app which is available in the Windows Store crashes when you launch it on your Windows 10 S computer. Adobe has posted a workaround on their website that will help you fix the issue and make the app start and function normally.

Photoshop Elements Windows Store app crashes

Photoshop Elements Windows Store app crashes

Open File Explorer and navigate to the following folder location:


Make sure that you have made Windows show hidden files and folders first.

Now inside C:ProgramData, create a new folder and name it Adobe. Open this Adobe folder and create another new folder here and name it Elements Organizer. Again open this subfolder and create a new folder inside Elements Organizer and name it 15.0.

So once you have created these three new folders, the path should look like this:

C:ProgramDataAdobeElements Organizer15.0

Close File Explorer, and launch Photoshop Elements 15 and see.

This should help!