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How to fix a slow or frozen iPhone or iPad


What to do if your iPhone or iPad isn’t working like it should.

While the iPhone and iPad are great, well-made computing devices, like any such products, they can become slow or even freeze up from time to time. There are a number of causes for these issues, as well as an array of potential solutions.

Here’s what you can do if your iPhone or iPad is slow or unresponsive.

  1. Kill recent apps in your Fast App Switcher. Perhaps a rogue process is consuming your device’s memory.
  2. Restart your iPhone (soft or hard reset).
  3. Delete and re-install any apps that repeatedly give you problems.
  4. If you’re jailbroken with a number tweaks running on your iPhone or iPad, try removing them, then re-adding them one at a time to find the source of any issues.
  5. Update your iPhone to the latest firmware.
  6. Restore your iPhone as new. This is a move of last resort, and here, you’re not restoring from a backup. You’ll need to re-install everything on your iPhone or iPad on your own.


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