Fix: The Disc Image File Is Corrupted Error In Windows 10


The Windows 10 File Explorer supports ISO and IMG files out of the box, which means Windows 10 supports burning and mounting ISO and IMG files.

Mounting an ISO or IMG file is a straight-forward job. Right-click on the ISO or IMG file and then click the Mount option to mount the selected ISO/IMG file. However, at times, you might get “Couldn’t Mount File. The disc image file is corrupted” error message when you attempt to mount an ISO or IMG file.

The disc image file is corrupted

There could be several reasons for the error, in addition to the obvious corrupted ISO or IMG file. The following are some troubleshooting tips that should help you fix the error and mount the ISO or IMG file.

Download the ISO or IMG file again

More often than not, the “The disc image file is corrupted” error message signals a corrupted or incomplete ISO/IMG file. If possible, download the ISO or IMG file again and try mounting it.

Try mounting another ISO or IMG file

If you have another ISO or IMG file, try mounting it. The File Explorer throws up the same error if there is an issue with Windows. If the File Explorer mounts the ISO or IMG file successfully, it clearly indicates the ISO/IMG that you tried to open previously was corrupted.

Unmount existing virtual drives

As per some users, Windows 10 File Explorer throws the error when there are multiple ISO or IMG files mounted in the File Explorer. So, it’s advisable to unmount those ISO or IMG files before trying to mount a new file.

Repair system files

When the Windows 10 File Explorer displays the same error for multiple ISO or IMG files, try repairing system files. Corrupted system files might also cause the above error.

Refer to our how to repair system files in Windows 10 guide for step-by-step directions.

Use a third-party program to mount ISO/IMG

As a last resort, you can try a third-party ISO/IMG file mounting application to mount the ISO or IMG file in question. There are quite a few free image mounting programs around. We recommend the free Virtual CloneDrive software.

And if the mount option is missing, refer to our Mount option is missing from the file context menu in Windows 10 guide.