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Fix VMware Workstation Player Network Disconnect Issue on Windows 10

Every time after my PC gets upgraded to the new released Windows 10 build the VMware Player stops working. The network would just stay disconnected no matter what I do. If that’s what’s been happening to you as well, here is how to fix it quickly.

VMware network disconnected

First of all, completely shut down all VMs and close the application. Then, grab the latest copy of the VMware Player installation file from VMware website. VMware Player was recently re-branded as part of its Workstation line, named VMware Workstation Player. If you are still on VMware Player 7, it’s time to upgrade to this new version.

Once you have the installation file downloaded, launch the setup file, and choose Repair mode.

VMware Player installation

The installation process will then go ahead and repair errors in the current installation by fixing missing or corrupt files and registry entries, which fortunately fixed the files that got corrupted during the Windows 10 update.

Restart the VM after the repair and you will see all network connections are now connected and stay alive.

VMware network connected


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