[Fix] Windows Updates Fail to Install With Error Code 0x8000FFFF in Windows 7

[Fix] Windows Updates Fail to Install With Error Code 0x8000FFFF in Windows 7


If you are using Windows 7 operating system and try to download and install new updates using Windows Update, the updates fail to download and install and you receive “0x8000FFFF” error code.

This issue occurs for monthly rollup updates also known as latest cumulative update (LCU) as well as security-only updates. So Windows 7 users are unable to download and install important security updates and other updates due to this error message.

Most of the Windows 7 users are getting this error code while trying to install following LCU and security-only updates:

  • August 30th Monthly Rollup Preview (KB4343894)
  • September 11th Monthly Rollup (KB4457144)
  • September 11th Security-only update (KB4457145)
  • October 9th Monthly Rollup (KB4462923)
  • October 9th Security-only update (KB4462915)

You may also face this problem while installing other updates or monthly rollups in future. The updates will not download or installation will fail with error codes.


Windows 7 users are receiving the error code 0x8000FFFF because their Windows 7 machines are missing a required SSU (Servicing Stack Update) KB3177467. If KB3177467 update is not installed in a Windows 7 computer, all latest cumulative updates (monthly rollup) and security-only updates will fail to install with error code 0x8000FFFF.

Now you might be wondering why KB3177467 update is required to install all other updates?

The answer is because it’s a SSU (servicing stack update). SSU are regularly released for all Windows versions to service or update the software stack for Windows OS. These updates fix the Windows Update code so that it can process and manage future updates that need separate servicing. It is required to improve the reliability and stability of the update process and to address all kind of issues that can prevent patching few parts of the operating system with monthly rollups. So basically SSU ensures that you have a working servicing stack so that your computers can receive and install all available Windows updates.

Now you may ask why some Windows 7 computers are missing this essential SSU?

Actually KB3177467 was released 2 years back in October 2016. At the time of release this SSU was marked as “Critical” and not a security fix. There are many people, system administrators and organizations which install only monthly security updates. So they missed this SSU and decided to skip this update.

Since the KB3177467 SSU is now mandatory to be able to install monthly cumulative updates and security-only updates, lots of Windows 7 users are unable to install any update in their computers because of the required SSU missing.

Now you should be able to understand why many Windows 7 users are getting error code 0x8000FFFF while installing Windows updates.


Now you’ll ask what’s the solution? How to install monthly rollups and security updates in Windows 7 without getting 0x8000FFFF error code?

Here is the solution:

1. Microsoft has re-released KB3177467 SSU and now it’s tagged as security update so that all Windows 7 machines can receive and install this required update. So check for updates again in your Windows 7 computer and first install this essential SSU before installing any other update.

Once you install this SSU, all other available updates will install successfully without throwing any error message.

2. There might be situations when the SSU doesn’t appear in available updates in some Windows 7 machines. In such case, you can manually download and install KB3177467 update in your computer.

Microsoft provides this required SSU for download at official Microsoft Update Catalog page. You can download it from following link:

Download KB3177467 SSU for Windows 7

Please note that older versions of KB3177467 SSU are also listed on the catalog page. Download the new version which has 10/8/2018 date as last updated.

The update is available for both 32-bit (x86) and 64-bit (x64) editions of Windows 7. Separate versions for Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows Embedded Standard 7 are also available for download.

Just download the correct version of the update and install it in your Windows 7 computer. Restart your system and check again for new updates in Windows Update. Now all pending updates will install without any problem.


If you still face problems in installing new updates, we’ll advise you to manually clear the Windows updates queue and start a fresh check for new updates. Our exclusive Windows Update reset script will help you in this case:

Fix Windows Updates Problems and Issues Using Automatic Reset Script


There is a known issue for KB3177467 SSU. If you install KB3177467 update together with other updates and restart your computer to complete the installation. During this restart, your computer may stuck on “Stage 2 of 2” or “Stage 3 of 3” screen mentioning “Preparing to configure Windows. Do not turn off your computer” message. If you face this issue, don’t panic and press Ctrl+Alt+Delete keys together and then you can login without any issue.


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