Flash Game Archive lets you play thousands of Flash Games on your Windows PC

Flash is no longer supported officially and Adobe, Microsoft and browser makers such as Mozilla or Google have disabled support in their products. While Flash is no longer in active development, it is still home to thousands of games and applications, as these have not just vanished with the end of support.

You can still play Flash content in your browser in 2021, but also using various tools, e.g. the Flash games preservation project, or Internet sites. Many of these use ruffle, a Flash emulator. While not perfect, it works with many games and applications already.

The Flash Game Archive is another tool for Windows to play classic Flash games. The latest version supports more than 4000 games, all neatly categorized in the application. The app has a size of just 50 Megabytes, as games are downloaded on demand.

The program launches in a windowed fullscreen mode which is a bit hard to navigate. You may set the desired screen resolution in the interface, browse game categories, newest additions, or a featured listing.

flash game archive

Note that the app includes adult content, but that the content is locked by a password.

You may browse all games from the categories page; there you find categories such as tower defense, brain, shooting or RPG. A click opens the list of games in the selected category. Each game is listed with its name initially.

Select a game to display a screenshot and to get some information, e.g. a description or its version. The information is not available for all games though.

Select the play button to download the game and to start playing it. Flash Game Archive supports several Flash versions, with Flash 13 preselected. If a game is not working, you may need to change the Flash version to see if that does the trick.

Games play in a dedicated window, and you may allow the Flash version to communicate with the Internet, as some games won’t work if you disallow it.

You may add games to the favorites for faster access in the future. A search is provided, but it is only useful if you are looking for a particular game or want to find games by tags.

As far as the selection of games is concerned, you find trashy but also well polished games supported. The Tower Defense category, for example, lists games such as Cursed Treasure or Viking Defense, which used to be very popular back in the Flash gaming days.

Closing words

Flash Game Archive lets you play more than 4000 Flash games on your Windows PCs at the time of writing. It does not use emulation but “real” Flash versions for that, it seems. While these won’t get installed permanently on the system, it still means that Flash is run on the device when games are played.

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