Flight Simulator is Biggest Xbox Game Pass for PC Launch Ever


Microsoft Flight Simulator has, um, really taken off: It’s the biggest-ever Xbox Game Pass for PC launch with over one million players to date, Microsoft says.

“Microsoft Flight Simulator has a rich history as Microsoft’s longest-running franchise, and we are proud to announce we are celebrating the simulator’s biggest launch in 38 years,” Microsoft’s Jorg Neumann writes. “Just over two weeks ago, Microsoft Flight Simulator launched. Thanks to the incredible support of our community of fans, pilots, flight enthusiasts[,] and virtual travelers, we have had more than one million unique players take to the skies. Additionally, Microsoft Flight Simulator was the biggest game launch in Xbox Game Pass for PC history.”

Granted, that’s not a long history: Xbox Game Pass for PC is still in beta and only launched a bit over a year ago, in June 2019.

But whatever, it’s still a nice success story, and Microsoft adds that gamers have flown over 26 million flights and logged more than one billion miles flown to date, the equivalent of flying around the world over 40 thousand times.

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