Mois: novembre 2017

Shotcut est un Windows Movie Maker Alternative

  Microsoft a désapprouvée Windows Movie Maker officiellement au début de cette année. Si vous avez une nouvelle machine ou réinstallé Windows à partir de zéro, les chances sont qu'il n'y a pas un éditeur de vidéo gratuit que vous pouvez obtenir de Microsoft, à moins que vous avez mis à jour votre Windows 10 to the latest

Install Bolt CMS on Centos 7

  Dans ce guide,, we will show you how to install Bolt CMS on a CentOS 7 VPS avec MariaDB, PHP 7 and Nginx as web server. Bolt CMS is a lightweight open source Content Management Tool, written in PHP and it’s built upon the Silex

Atari’s Linux Games Console Now Has a Controller

Back in September we wrote about the Ataribox, a new Linux-powered console from Atari — today we get a look at its new joystick. Over on Facebook Atari shows off the new Ataribox Joystick that will (presumably) come bundled with the video games (and home entertainment)

Apple iPhone X review

Say what you will about Apple's overly expensive products, locked-down ecosystem and its habit of playing catch-up with key technological features, but the original iPhone was undeniably groundbreaking. Released a decade ago this year, it established a new paradigm for the mobile telephone, stripping away the

Use Evernote on Linux with These Tools

Brief: Since Evernote doesn’t have an official client for Linux, we list the best unofficial Evernote clients for Linux. Evernote is a popular note-taking app with online synchronization and backups. Users can create a note with text and images, audio clips or with attachments, which can

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