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Apricity OS Devs Plug Tirez sur le projet

la distribution MacOS sosie Linux OS Apricity a été arrêté. A partir de maintenant, même le site n'est pas plus accessible. Le 6 mai, les développeurs du distro Apricity ont affiché un message indiquant qu'ils finissaient le projet. La note dit: Comme toutes les bonnes choses, Apricity… website to close down permanently

  DMOZ, one of the largest human-edited web directory maintained by a community of volunteer editors is nearing its end. The open directory project. The main page of the web site bears the following message: IMPORTANT NOTICE: As of March 14, 2017, will no longer

File Search App ‘Fsearch’ Now Has a PPA

Remember Fsearch? It’s a pretty nifty file search tool for Linux inspired by the Windows Everything Search Engine app. Using it you can quickly drill down to find a file or folder on your system, as you type. We wrote about the app last month but

Reports of OpenOffice's death have been greatly exaggerated

Don’t believe everything you read in the press. Despite OpenOffice developers recently debating a shutdown of the open source productivity suite, the Apache Software Foundation is not ready to retire the project yet. OpenOffice is not a ‘healthy project’ The Apache OpenOffice project isn’t done yet.

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