Free email signature generators to create professional email signature


The Email Signature is one of the most important parts of your email that helps users in different ways. People use them as a marketing tool to let the recipient know everything about their websites, social profiles, and more indirectly. Almost all the email service providers allow people to add a signature at the bottom of every email.

Create email signature

We have seen how to create & add Email Signature in Microsoft Outlook. However, if you do not want a regular text signature and instead you want to include a professional looking email signature, do check these free email signature generators that can be used by anyone.

Free email signature generators

1] MySignature

create email signature is a free email signature creator that is compatible with Gmail, Outlook, and Apple Mail. It comes with a couple of options to add name, phone number, website, Skype ID, email ID, address, photo, company name/position/department, social profiles, etc. Apart from that, you can also change the color scheme of your signature. The best part is that you can find some pre-made templates those are more professional and easy to edit. After making all the changes, hit the “Get signature” button, click on “Copy to clipboard” and paste that in your email signature settings.

2] Hubspot Email Signature Generator

Free email signature generators

Hubspot Email Signature Generator is quite same as MySignature, but you cannot find any ready-made templates. Apart from that, you can do almost same things including entering the name, phone number, company name, department, address, social profiles, etc. The specialty of this tool is you can change overall theme color, text color, feature color, link color, etc. You can also add a CTA or Call To Action button.

3] WiseStamp

Best free email signature generators

WiseStamp is quite advanced and more sophisticated tool than others. Being said that, you can enter custom field along with all the regular things such as name, company name, phone number, etc. The best part is you can include various apps. For example, you can add a Facebook Like button, Twitter follow button, LinkedIn badge, latest Facebook status, and much more. It is also possible to include Medium posts, WordPress blog post, Tumblr updates, etc.

4] NewOldStamp

Free email signature generators

Although similar tools are available for free, you may need to pay to get the full version of NewOldStamp. The free version allows you to add all the regular information including name, address, phone number, Skype ID, website URL, etc. Apart from that, you can add a photo as well. But for other features, you need to pay.

5] CodeTwo Free Email Signature Generator

Best free email signature generators

If you want to include various graphics into your email signature, this tool seems to be the best option for you. Here, you can choose the email service provider, and the signature that will be created will be compatible with your email provider. You can include personal information, company information, banner, banner link, social media links, etc. It is also possible to get a ready-made template and edit it with your information. This way you can create a more professional looking email signature.


Best free email signature generators does the job pretty well. You can enter almost all the required information in a very compact box. For instance, you can enter your name, job title, department, email ID, mobile number, website URL, full address, your logo, your picture, social profile links etc. If you want, you can change the whole design of your signature. In other words, you can change the width, logo position, font family, font size, link color, etc.

You can try them all and check which one can generates the best email signature for you.