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G.SKILL boosts Ripjaws KM570 MX keyboard with MX Silver keys

We noted that G.SKILL started to make the Ripjaws KM570 MX Mechanical Gaming Keyboards, first seen at Computex, available late last month. Now the firm has pumped up the choice available to would be buyers by creating an SKU with Cherry MX Speed Silver keyswitches equipped.

To recap briefly, the G.SKILL Ripjaws KM570 MX keyboard is designed to provide a minimalist aesthetic, whilst delivering essential entertainment and gaming keyboard features, with the added appeal of enduring functionality. It’s a software-less gaming keyboard, so you adjust its (single colour LED) lighting and lighting effects, record and replay macros, and so on, via key combinations.

Beyond the basics, the US$99 KM570 MX offers n-key rollover, 100 per cent anti-ghosting design, and a default 1000Hz polling rate. The keyboard has a pleasing ergonomic contoured profile, comes with a 2m long braided USB cable, and weighs 1.25Kg. Until now customer choice was limited to MX Blue, MX Red, and MX Brown Cherry keyswitch varieties.

Cherry MX Speed Silver

Cherry’s MX Speed Silver keyswitches are described by the producer as “the new choice of champions for responsive gaming”. They have perhaps been designed to counter new mechanical keyswitches aimed specifically at gamers from the likes of Razer and Logitech.

To make MX Speed Silver keyswitches particularly suitable for gaming Cherry has set the following product design parameters:

  • Actuation force: 45g (relatively light)
  • Actuation distance: 1.2mm (relatively short)
  • Switch type: linear (no ‘click’ audible or tactile feedback)
  • Bounce time: <1ms
  • Available with standard or transparent covers
  • 50 million keystroke durability

Cherry MX Speed Silver keyswitches were previously exclusive to Corsair. The new G.SKILL Ripjaws KM570 MX keyboard with MX Speed Silver keys carries a $10 premium over the previously released KM570 MX models.


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