Galaxy Labs app adds two modules to keep your phone feeling fresh

Samsung’s Galaxy Labs is a helpful suite of modules that allow users to optimize various aspects of their device, from battery management to enhancing performance of apps. Thanks to an update, Galaxy Labs is updating a few of these modules, as well as introducing two new ones.

According to Android Police, one of the new modules is known as Memory Guardian, which allows you to see what tasks are currently demanding your phone’s RAM. The module includes a breakdown of how your phone’s RAM is divided up by the system, which apps are running, and cached processes. From here, you can see a chart of historic usage and also clear applications out of memory.

Meanwhile, Galaxy Labs is also adding a module called Thermal Guardian, which is designed to keep your phone from overheating. Android Police says the module includes a thermal threshold slider that you can adjust when your phone starts to throttle performance.

Image: Android Police

“Dragging the slider to the far left, the phone informed me that it would start throttling 2 degrees before it usually would,” Android Police said. “Inversely, dragging it to the right will raise that threshold by 2 degrees. All of my devices get toasty during lengthy Duo calls, so I may try the cooler setting and see how things go.”

Galaxy Labs has also updated a few of the existing modules. Battery Tracker features a small visual refresh, while the 7-day chart now displays your screen-on time. Meanwhile, Battery Guardian’s screen power feature now has to be enabled on a per-app basis, and power save during bedtime restricts performance while you’re asleep, limiting background activity and CPU usage to prolong your battery life. File Guardian has also been deprecated because most Samsung apps already feature a recycle bin of their own.

The Galaxy Labs update should be available now through the Galaxy Store.

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