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Galaxy S8 Launching With Built-In Stylus Like Galaxy Note Phablets? Early Case Leaks Suggest So

Samsung has two successful smartphone lines that it refreshes every year. This 2017 however, consumers might see the merging of these lines. A new leak has apparently caused a stir among expectant fans and the tech community because it appears to confirm the presence of a built-in stylus on the Galaxy S8.

For some time now, the Galaxy Note phablet series is the one to carry the S Pen accessory as its main selling point. However, the discontinuation of the Galaxy Note 7 was a huge game changer for the South Korea tech giant. It isn’t clear as to what extent are the changes in Samsung’s business, but it won’t be shocking if the company drops a bombshell for its fans. And this bombshell could be the incorporation of the S Pen into the upcoming Galaxy S7 successor.

The idea that the Samsung Galaxy S8 could have a built-in stylus comes from early case leaks. The leaked cases for the smartphone — first obtained by British retailer MobileFun — give the impression that the handset will launch with its own S Pen accessory. The cases have a cutout or a hole on the bottom edge that suggests the presence of an S Pen slot down there.

While the hole could be indicative of the inclusion of a stylus, it’s also possible that it will serve a different purpose. TechnoBuffalo says it could just be a hole for the headphone jack or maybe a speaker. The tech news site also pointed out this does not at all confirm the addition of the S Pen to the S series. Plus, the S line comprises smaller phones compared to the Note phablets, so there couldn’t be enough room to accommodate the S Pen.

Nevertheless, consumers shouldn’t rule out the possibility here because there are also rumors claiming Samsung is preparing a Galaxy S8 Plus variant. This is said to be the replacement of the edge variant and is expected to come with a much larger form factor than the standard S flagship phone, as per SlashGear. Should the S8 Plus indeed come with a stylus, it won’t be the only fresh Samsung offering this 2017 to come with this accessory. Apple’s biggest rival has already confirmed that it is launching a Galaxy Note 8 later this year.


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