Galaxy Z Fold2 passes durability test with a broken fingerprint sensor


Zack Nelson of YouTube channel JerryRigeverything is well-known for his smartphone durability test videos. Recently, he posted a video on Samsung’s latest foldable handset – Galaxy Z Fold2. Surprisingly, it passed his rigorous fragility assessment.

Last year, when the original Galaxy Fold was re-released, Zack made a video on it. Although the phone survived much of his durability test, some sand particles managed to enter the hinge and never came out. Above all, the folding display was fragile as it featured a CPI (Colorless Polyimide) layer.

Now this year, the Galaxy Z Fold2 comes with a redesigned hinge and UTG (Ultra Thin Glass) cover for its inner 120Hz foldable panel with a single punch-hole instead of a notch. Anyway, the screen did get damaged easily by fingernails but not as much as its predecessor. However, the sand particles came out thoroughly from the hinge.

Further, the handset even survived the infamous bend test, in which the OnePlus Nord and iPad Pro 2020 gave up. But unfortunately, the side-mounted fingerprint sensor got destroyed with scratches. In fact, that was the only negative point of this phone apart from the fragile (still) inner display.

We believe the fingerprint sensor can be easily fixed in the next iteration but the durability of the foldable panel may still take years to be as good as normal glass-covered displays.

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