Get started on your Pixel 6 journey with one of these cases

The regular Google Pixel 6 was the only one to get actual color options and not just metallic shades, and we deserve to flaunt those fun colors and bold accents around that eye-catching camera bar stretching across the back. This is one of the best Android phones with half a decade of updates ahead of it, and if you want your new phone to last that long, you need to grab one of the best Pixel 6 cases you can.

Come to the dark side

Caseology Parallax Protective Case Compatible with Google Pixel 6 Case

Staff Pick

While not many Pixel cases highlight that pop of red at the top of the Kinda Coral Pixel 6, Caseology leaps right in. So whether you’re tracking rebel scum across the galaxy or lording over your domain, the Parallax will help you keep an iron grip upon your Pixel 6, thanks to the new diamond grip pads along the bumper.

$15 at Amazon $15 at Walmart

Be still, my blue heart

Bellroy Leather Case for Pixel 6

We might not be getting an official fabric Pixel 6 cover this year, but at least Bellroy is back with another round of beautiful leather cases in some breathtaking colors. While the classic Terracotta is well-tinted, the Sea Mint is wonderfully matched to the Sorta Seafoam, and then there’s a stunning Cobalt reminiscent of the Pixel 1.

$49 at Amazon $49 at Bellroy $49 at Google Store

Show off

Ringke Fusion Compatible with Google Pixel 6 Case

Ringke offers its clear (and clearly durable) Pixel 6 cover in two variants. The completely Transparent version reflects more light and lets the full detailing on your Pixel 6 shine through. While it’s not available quite yet, there’s also a Matte variant that will give you the same frosty look as the official Google case without being as expensive (or as slippery).

$13 at Amazon (Clear) $14 at Amazon (Matte Clear)

Kickstands kick butt

Poetic Revolution

The Revolution is already a heavy-duty Pixel 6 case with heavy-duty thickness, but Poetic makes excellent use of it by adding a kickstand that works both vertically and horizontally. The front frame of the case includes a built-in screen protector that should work with Google’s in-screen fingerprint sensor, and should you scratch that screen protector somehow, there’s a spare front frame in the box.

From $22 at Amazon From $26 at Walmart

All the color options

kwmobile Soft Slim

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times: life’s too short for boring cases. kwmobile lets you pick from over a dozen colors to get exactly the hue to match your wardrobe, your purse, or your favorite team. If only they sold matching smartwatch bands to go with them, they’d be perfect. Grab a case in an exciting shade for your Pixel 6!

$9 at Amazon

Grip and go

Spigen Liquid Air Armor Designed for Google Pixel 6

While Spigen is better known for the Rugged Armor and Tough Armor cases, its best option for the Pixel 6 is the Liquid Air Armor. The texture has more grip than the Rugged and Thin Fit, but it’s still slim, works with stick-on grips or card slots, and it’s snug but easy to get on and off if you want to hide some cash or an ID inside.

$16 at Amazon

Tough and translucent

Ghostek Covert

This clear cover is the ultimate antithesis of the first-party transparent Google Pixel 6 case: it’s rugged, re-enforced in the corners, and heavily protects both the screen and camera module. The corners are lined with impact-absorbing gel, and the red matches well with the Kinda Coral colorway. The Sorta Pink also amplifies the Coral’s feminine hues, but Cloudy Clear is the clear favorite.

$15 at Amazon $15 at Walmart $15 at Ghostek

Secret slot

Teelevo Dual Layer Case with Card Slot Holder

This looks like a normal heavy-duty Pixel 6 case at first glance, but once you peek within, you’ll find that the built-in kickstand at the bottom is also the door covering a two-card hidden wallet. Two cards might not sound like much, but what more do most of us need besides our ID and a spare credit card, especially with Google Pay accepted almost everywhere these days?

$16 at Amazon

Ruggedly handsome

VRS DESIGN Damda Glide Pro

Card slot cases and even folio cases usually only have room for two (maybe three) cards, but VRS’s heavy-duty Pixel 6 cover has room for four cards. The steel accents around the slide mechanism add a nice contrast and help with the case’s drop protection, ensuring that even if your case takes a bad fall, your cards won’t get trapped inside.

$20 at Amazon

Sage design and shades

Caseology Vault Protective Case Compatible with Google Pixel 6

Are you going to miss the Sorta Sage Pixel 5? No worries, Caseology brings that color along to Pixel 6 cases in its slim, grip-friendly Vault case. The texture across the back is wonderfully plush, almost leather-feeling, and the case adds a raised ridge for protection around that bold new camera bar to keep it safe and stable when it’s flat on a table.

$13 at Amazon $14 at Walmart

Stylish yet secure

i-Blason Cosmo Series

The best rugged cases usually only come in two flavors: boring and macho. i-Blason bucks that trend with the Cosmo Series for the Pixel 6. This two-piece case includes a built-in screen protector in the front frame, and the back is covered with a beautiful pink/white, blue/green marble, or an intriguing green butterfly with gold accents. The bump around the camera is there, but the patterns helps it blend in better.

From $22 at Amazon $22 at Walmart $25 at i-Blason

Affordable protection

Foluu Liquid Silicone

Foluu may not be a name you’re familiar with, but the sweet cases it makes punch above their budget. A nice high bumper protects that thick camera bump, and the cool color options help the Pixel 6 stay understated. That way, your new flagship doesn’t catch too many wandering eyes until you start snapping pictures with it.

$9 at Amazon

Good feel, good for the planet

Pela case for Google Pixel 6

Most cases are made of plastics that can’t be easily recycled, leading to tons and tons of old cases in landfills. Pela, on the other hand, uses Flaxstic, a material of compostable bioplastic and flax straw. These eco-friendly Pixel 6 covers are smooth, grippy, and quite durable. Available in four styles and nine colorways, Pela might be expensive, but it’s sustainable and responsible.

From $42 at Pela

Always a classic

Spigen Rugged Armor Designed for Google Pixel 6 Case

One of Spigen’s oldest case styles, the Rugged Armor remains popular year after year for one reason: consistency! While details around the camera change — especially for the Pixel 6’s camera bar — the smooth back and just enough grip on the sides keep it in your hand and off the concrete.

$16 at Amazon

Carry it all

Foluu Canvas Flip Wallet

Our phones are already our digital lifelines, so you might as well slip your cards in and just carry one thing rather than two. Foluu’s awesome Pixel 6 wallet case won’t break your budget and also doubles as a kickstand. Magnetic clasps keep everything in place, and there are three card slots in addition to the cash flap, ensuring you can keep everything together neatly.

$12 at Amazon

The best Pixel 6 cases focus on the camera

The Pixel 6‘s camera bar may look a little bit Cylon — especially with that bright red accent on the Kinda Coral — but that camera bar also makes it easier to help tell durable from thin cases and also helps separate the good from the bad.

For instance, the Caseology Parallax has a thicker bumper around the camera module and a thicker raised lip around the cameras themselves. It completely covers the sides and the sharp top/bottom edges so that the camera module won’t catch on an edge and break during a fall. By contrast, Google’s official, transparent Google Pixel 6 Case also has a lip on the top and bottom edges, but Google leaves the sides of the camera bar exposed, and the frosted texture is way too slippery, leaving your phone susceptible to drops, scrapes, and other damage.

Google’s case is more true to the brand’s style, but Caseology offers much more protection. Other Pixel 6 phone covers split the difference with a raised lip around the entire edge, but no sloped curves, as we see on the thin and well-textured Spigen Liquid Air Armor. And, of course, all the best heavy-duty Pixel 6 cases are thicker on the back, so the camera bump doesn’t seem any thicker than other phones. It’s all a matter of which style and level of protection suits you. Between that blue-green Cosmo Series, myriad-colored Soft Slim, and the tall, dark, and handsome Parallax, there are plenty of ways to jazz up your colorful new Pixel 6.

Oh, and if you’re wondering where Google’s first-party case is, well, the texture experience doesn’t quite match up with its high price tag, so it’s not making the list this year. However, you can get better clear cases — matte or transparent — for half the price, so the only compelling reason left to buy it would be if you want that soft glowing pink. If you’re after that, I recommend checking out a brand called Ghostek; pink is one of their steadfast colors.

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