Get the best out of your Xbox Game Pass games with these headsets

When it comes to playing games via Xbox Game Pass, once known as Project xCloud, you’ll need the best controllers for Android gaming. There are also many titles to choose from, so check out the best Game Pass games you can play on your phone. When it comes to audio, though, finding the best Bluetooth headset that takes your gaming to the next level can be tough. These are our picks for the best around.

Best overall

SteelSeries – Arctis Pro Wireless Gaming Headset

Staff Pick

The SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless is one of the best choices for Bluetooth gaming headsets. While the price point is extremely high, it comes packed with features and has some of the best audio that a gaming headset can provide. The Arctis Pro Wireless even comes packaged with a wireless transmitter for those looking to transition from mobile gaming to a console or PC.

$350 at Best Buy

Cancel out the noise

BL – Quantum 800 RGB Wireless DTS Headphone

The JBL Quantum 800 is another headset with a high entry point, but it provides users with some of the best noise-canceling. Because JBL has been in the audio market for some time, the sound quality on the Quantum 800’s is top-notch, and with a battery life that’s reported to be up to 14 hours, you’ll be able to use this for some time. The one downside to the Quantum 800’s is that the microphone doesn’t detach.

$200 at Amazon $178 at Best Buy $200 at B&H $200 at JBL

Best budget

SLuB Bluetooth Headphones

Finding Bluetooth headsets dedicated to gaming can be challenging, as many wireless options elect to use other means to avoid any lag in the sound. However, SLuB offers an incredibly affordable and compact option for its foldable headsets. Not only are they priced much lower than some other high-end models, but they also feature active noise canceling, a detachable microphone, and the ability to fold up when you’re done using them.

$45 at Amazon

More great value

COWIN E7 Active Noise Canceling Headphones

The COWIN E7 headset is another great option for those looking to keep their purchase in a lower price range while still achieving great results. With active noise canceling and proprietary drivers, the E7 promises to provide a high-quality sound for those in the market. While it may not fold up or be too compact, the E7 does offer a built-in microphone, so you won’t have to go through the hassle of moving around a mic while you’re playing.

$8 at Target $40at Walmart


Creative SXFI AIR Headset

Sometimes, the best microphone for someone may be the one that can handle many things. Creative’s SXFI AIR fits that criteria since it comes equipped with Bluetooth, USB, and SD card connectivity options. The AIR also allows users to customize their audio experience through an app. This level of customization is vast for those who want to get the exact sound they’ve been looking for, especially when it comes to gaming.

$100 at Amazon

A comfortable fit

HyperX Cloud MIX Headset

HyperX is no stranger to making some of the best gaming products, and its Cloud MIX headset is no different. The Cloud MIX offers a compact and comfortable headset option while also giving players Bluetooth connectivity for those looking to play on mobile devices or just listen to some music. Much like some of the other options listed, the Cloud MIX features a detachable microphone, so this headset can also double as a pair of lightweight headphones while you’re on the go.

$200 at Amazon

Tons of great Bluetooth headsets for Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass launching cloud gaming for Android is a big deal, and we’re pretty excited about it. As fun as playing some of the best console-quality games on your phone is, though, the audio quality of phones may vary. With that in mind, a headset is almost as necessary as having a good controller, and if you want the very best, then the SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless is your best bet. Its wide range of features and comfortable design make it the best, even with a fairly high price point.

If you’re looking for something that won’t cost too much, there are plenty of options. The SLuB Bluetooth headset features some excellent quality in an affordable package and even comes equipped with active noise canceling for those who want to immerse themselves in a game.

While finding gaming headsets that support Bluetooth connectivity may be a bit difficult, thankfully, there are many options for those who need it. Headsets ranging from the JBL Quantum 800 to Hyper X’s Cloud MIX headset offer tons of great features, with price points for every type of consumer available. No matter which headset you choose, it’s hard to make a bad choice here.

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