Get Ubuntu Update Notifications Reminder In Panel Bar

Apt Update Indicator is an app to get Ubuntu update notifications. The Apt Update Indicator uses pkcon refresh by default and apt upgrade -y by default to upgrade the system. It has an optional update count display feature. It is a forked from Arch-Update application – an update indicator for ArchLinux and Gnome-Shell.

It shows also the following package status (as in Synaptic):

  • Available updates
  • New packages in repository
  • Local/Obsolete packages
  • Residual config files
  • Autoremovable packages

Install Apt Update Indicator

To install, simply download and execute make install command. Users can download it from

If you want to install it via command line, run the following commands:

$ sudo apt-get update
$ git clone
$ cd apt-update-indicator/
$ make install

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