GG Is a Neat Video Game Tracking App You Should Download Now

If you’re like me, your Android or iOS device is probably teeming with hundreds of apps. In your day-to-day life, you’ll use probably 10 of those. The other 90 sit and gather dust, for those rare occasions you might need to use them. But every once in a while, an app comes along that calls out to your inner self. Today was one of those days for me. Today, I found out about GG.

GG is essentially a video game tracker, allowing you to keep track of your games collection (and wishlist) through a number of convenient lists. The default lists are things like ‘Want to Play’ (in other words, the ever-elusive backlog), Beaten, Playing, Completed, Shelved, and Abandoned (for those truly terrible games… looking at you Fast and Furious).

You can rate games to contribute to their overall community rating (out of five stars), and you can follow your friends to check out their game collection and what they may be playing, too. In other words, it’s a fun way for nerdy stats-loving gamers like myself to keep tabs on their backlogs and those of friends, too.

GG has both iOS and Android apps, and can also be accessed from your PC. The latter option has come in clutch, for aforementioned nerd in me who is currently in the process of transferring my ‘Completed Games’ spreadsheet created in 2017 onto this sleek-looking site.

My incomplete ‘Beaten’ section over on GG. Isn’t it pretty?!

There’s something oddly satisfying about keeping tabs on your games collection in such a convenient fashion. Being able to move games from the ‘Playing’ to ‘Beaten’ lists, adding games to your ‘Want to Play’ section so you don’t forget about them in a couple of weeks, and getting ideas from your friends on what to play next.

It’s the sleek, minimalist design and the convenience of being able to quickly add a game to one of a variety of lists that just calls out to me. Why have a boring list on an Excel spreadsheet when I can have the glossy cover art proudly staring back at me under one neat tab? It gives me the organizational tools I need to calm the incomprehensible storm that is my games collection, split over several platforms, with numerous digital libraries. First-world 2020 problems, eh?

GG may seem limited in its current form, and to an extent it kind of is — I’d love a ‘date completed’ option to be added in for games I’d finished — but there’s plenty of promise for the future. GG already has a Trello board Roadmap, outlining the numerous features the creator is exploring for both free and ‘Elite’ members, and there’s plenty on there.

GG app

From detailed game stats, and importing digital game collections, to ownership status and ‘how long to beat’ times, there’s an abundance of possible improvements that could be coming to the app. And better yet, the creator’s taking feature requests and allowing users to vote for the features they want on the Trello.

If you want to support the creator’s vision, or you find yourself falling down the video game tracking rabbit hole like myself, you can become an ‘Elite’ member and pay $5 a month to customize your profile with a unique backdrop, pin and clone lists, and enjoy early access to aforementioned new features.

In the space of sharing my discovery with fellow staffers here at Twinfinite, we were all busy chatting about our never-ending backlogs, the games we really should throw into the ‘Abandoned’ section, and following one another so we could keep tabs on our progress. GG was bringing us closer together over our shared passion in a way that we previously seldom would.

I can’t really bang on about it anymore before you all just close the hell outta this tab, so I’ll leave you with one final plea. Give GG a download and begin sorting your games collection into the pretty colors of the rainbow.

Once you start, you probably won’t want to stop.

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