GIMPHOTO: Free Photoshop alternative Photo and Image Editor software for Windows 10


GIMP is one of the best free open-source photo & image editing software. But some users believed that GIMP was a few features away from being a complete solution to photo editing needs, and so someone created a modified version of GIMP with improved features and options, and they call it GIMPHOTO. Gimphoto comes with GIMP loaded with useful plugins and resources. The UI is tweaked a bit here and there.

GIMPHOTO for Windows 10

GIMPHOTO comes packed with Gimp plugins that have been developed by other developers across the globe. These plugins can help you extend features and add more options while editing an image. Let us take a look at some of the outstanding feature of this free Photoshop alternative software.

GIMPHOTO for Windows 10


Gimphoto makes use of Clearlooks GTK engine to render the UI. The interface is almost the same, but you may notice changes in the appearance of controls. They are more smooth and flat because of the Clearlooks engine. Gimphoto also includes a tool that lets you use any other GTK theme and customize the UI more easily.

Menu Convention

A few changes to the menu structure have been made. Although, the naming convention remains the same so that you can still follow GIMP tutorials as it is they were before. The right click menu has also been modified to add more tools so that they are easily accessible.

Additional Plugins

This section covers the additional plugins that come preinstalled with Gimphoto.

Save for Web

This plugin lets you save images in webioptimized quality. Since disk space is an expensive resource these days, you can create images that are beautiful to look and are small in size. This option has been added to the ‘File’ menu.

David’s Batch Processing

This plugin exactly does what it says. You can easily manipulate images in batch mode without learning any new scripting language. You can perform operations like rotate, resize, color, blur sharpen, crop and even rename. This is a pretty nifty plugin and can help you a lot if you use batch operations.


This plugin adds some really useful color management features to the GIMP. Gimphoto uses this plugin for RGB to CMYK conversion. This feature is mostly required by professionals and needs in-depth knowledge of digital imaging. You can find this plugin under ‘Image’ -> ‘Mode’.


This script lets you add some effects to the separate layers of the image. You can add effects like border, gradient, glow, and shadow.

Other than these plugins, a few other additions have been made. You will find a new and improved set of brushes awaiting you. A new and modified brush set has replaced the default one, and the developer has stated to improve it further and add more brushes to it.

The default set of gradients have been modified, and almost 30 new gradients have been added to create button, symbol or graphics for Web 2.0 design style.

So that was pretty much that has been changed to make this tool more useful. All in all, Gimphoto is a complete photo editor that can handle most of your image editing needs.

Moreover, Gimphoto updates come along with GIMP updates. So the latest version of Gimphoto is now running upon GIMP 2.4 stable version while GIMP has been updated to 2.8 in the meantime and we expect a new Gimphoto update with all the new GIMP feature like single window mode, etc. With this tool, you get all the GIMP functionality with more features.

Gimphoto is an outstanding feature-rich image editing software that does what it says. It can serve as a PhotoShop alternative software for those who cannot afford PhotoShop. The UI is very easy to understand, the image is in the center and the toolbox and others sub-windows are aligned around it. You can easily perform basic and complex tasks on Gimphoto. Click here to download Gimphoto. The software is Open-Source, and the source code is available for further modifications.