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Glossy Black Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Photos Leaked Online

Earlier this week, it was rumored that Samsung was planning on releasing a glossy black version of the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge in December. Now, it looks like consumers won’t have to wait too long to see what that might look like as photos of the new color option have already leaked online.

The set of leaked photos shows the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge model in the new glossy black color. As expected, the new coat of paint on the handset looks quite similar to Apple’s Jet Black color option for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. The photos were allegedly posted by a Samsung representative on Chinese social networking site Weibo, as per SamMobile.

Glossy Black Galaxy S7 Edge The Galaxy S7 Edge in its new glossy black color.

Comparing it to the current “onyx black” Galaxy S7/S7 Edge, the glossy black version’s back panel appears to be a bit darker. Based on the photos, it’s possible Samsung slapped on the darker tone over the glass instead of under it, as speculated by 9To5Google.

Probably the most distinct difference of the glossy black color is that the metal frame on the edges are now also coated black instead of being silver. This makes the handset look even sleeker and quite more elegant to look at.

The only question that remains unanswered is whether this new variant of the Galaxy S7/S7 Edge will be a scratch magnet. Although the jet black iPhone 7 and 7Plus look great, their glossiness just makes them a lot more prone to scratches. It’s kind of disappointing that users won’t be able to fully show off the glossy black color if it’s inside a case.

A comparison

(Back) The onyx black Galaxy S7 Edge, and the (Front) glossy black Galaxy S7 Edge.

Samsung is trying to boost demand for the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge by introducing new colors for the device. This is the South Korean company’s way of filling the gap left by the discontinuation of the Galaxy Note 7 for this year’s holiday season.

Earlier this month, Samsung released the “coral blue” version of the Galaxy S7, the color that was once exclusive to the Note 7. There’s no word yet on when exactly the glossy black Galaxy S7 will be available, but it will indeed be coming to the United States.


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