Gmail's new "Top results" category makes it easier to search for essential emails

A new way to search through emails with the help of machine learning.

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Depending on who you ask, it's still up for debate when it comes to which email service is the best. But, if you're someone that uses an Android smartphone or relies on other Google apps and services, Gmail is an absolute must. Over the past few years, Google has introduced some interesting improvements to the service, and today, it's getting another small boost with a search feature that will bring more relevant emails to the forefront with a new "Top results" category.

The new feature was announced on the Google Workspace Updates blog, with the company sharing its new vision of how it could help "improve the search experience" on the Gmail app for mobile. The feature will help users find what they're looking for by utilizing machine learning models, which will "use the search term, most recent emails, and other relevant factors to show you the results that best match your search query."

Google Gmail app with new Top results search for sales showing most relevant from emails

Source: Google

While the use of machine learning is a big change from previous methods, perhaps what will be most apparent to users will be a new look, with a "Top results" section that will be located in the search results area of the Gmail app. You can see an example of how this will look in the image above. Underneath the new "Top results" section, users will still be able to find the familiar search results area, which is based on the searched term and organized in chronological order starting from the most recent emails received.

Google touts this new feature as "highly requested," and it should offer users a more convenient way to search through emails and also files on the service. This feature will begin rolling out today for Google Workspace customers and personal Google accounts, with the company stating that it could take up to two weeks for it to pop up in the Gmail app.