GNOME Devs Want Your Feedback on Network Manager’s CLI

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The way most of us use Network Manager

Developers working on GNOME’s NetworkManager tool are seeking your help.

The hope is to gather feedback on what features of the Network Manager are useful, where it can improve and, importantly, how it compares to the command-line Network Manager compares.

The Ubuntu manpage describes nmcli as:

“…a command‐line tool for controlling NetworkManager and reporting on its status. It is not meant as a full replacement for nm applet or other similar clients but as a complementary utility to those programs. The main usage for nmcli is on servers, headless machines or for power users who prefer the command line.”

Didn’t know there was a terminal-based Network Manager Client (nmcli)? Then this survey might not be for you.

If you have used it, or are capable of giving it a go for the benefit of this survey, do share your opinions.

The survey will help GNOME developers understand how people use the client, highlight areas where it is lacking, and reveal what they can (hopefully) do to improve it.

“We especially want to learn about how useful do people deem the command line interface and what are the areas we should improve in.”

You can let them know your thoughts by filling in the form below.

NetworkManager Usage Survey

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