‘God Of War’ September Release Date Revealed By Retailer? Voice Actor Lists Game For 2018

A Portuguese retailer might have revealed the “God Of War” release date as Sept. 14, 2017. However, Christopher Judge, the voice actor behind Kratos, revealed on his Twitter page that the game will be out in 2018.

The Portuguese retailer Gaming Replay recently updated the release date for Sony’s next entry into the “God of War” franchise on its website listings. The listed Sept. 14, 2017 date lands on a Thursday, and it coincides with the typical release schedule of games in Europe, according to Game Rant.

A September release date for “God of War” seems highly likely considering that Sony Santa Monica Studio creative director Cory Barlog revealed back in December that the “whole game” is playable internally at the company. By September, the game studio might have already polished and tweaked the game enough that it’s ready for release.

The date provided by Gaming Replay is being ruled out as a placeholder since most placeholders are usually set for the last day of the year or the typical “end of month,” as pointed out by WWG. However, Sony has remained quiet about the release date of “God of War” and hasn’t confirmed anything so far.

Although a lot of fans are likely already willing to bet that “God of War” will be out this coming September, the game’s main voice actor might have leaked that it will actually be out in 2018. Christopher Judge recently updated his Twitter bio and listed “God of War” for 2018. Judge voices Kratos, the hero of the “God of War” franchise.

It’s now being speculated that Santa Monica Studio might have hit a development snag, or the game’s release date has always been set for 2018, according to PlayStation Lifestyle. Another possible scenario is that Santa Monica Studio might have asked Judge to put that in his Twitter bio to calm fans and eventually surprise them with a release date for 2017.

That seems like wishful thinking at this point, and a 2018 release date for “God of War” still seems very possible. Sony could release the game sometime in early 2018 the same way it released “Horizon Zero Dawn” back in February. “Horizon Zero Dawn” has been a great success for Sony, so releasing “God of War” early in the new year could result in that same success, as speculated by Press Start.

“God of War,” which is also being called as “God of War 4” by some, was first officially announced at E3 2016, with Sony unveiling a trailer and short demo. The game features the return of Kratos to teach his son, Atreus, how to be a warrior. Atreus will function as an active companion for players and will assist them throughout the game.

Although the game is being classified by many as a “soft reboot” of the franchise, the new “God of War” continues Kratos’ story but is set in the world of Norse mythology. Past installments were based on Greek mythology. Director and writer Cory Barlog also confirmed via Twitter that the game will be set before the time of Vikings.

It’s expected that Sony Santa Monica Studio will reveal more official details on “God of War” for the PlayStation next month during the annual E3 conference in Los Angeles.

God Of War Promotional art for the new “God of War” game.