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Seeing how iAd is almost extinct, Google rolled out its AdWords app for iOS. Owners of Apple’s devices can now manage their online campaigns in an efficient and intuitive interface, as the video tutorial thoroughly explains.
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Google recently launched a welcomed AdWords app for iOS, helping people who run online campaigns manage their projects in an easier and proficient fashion.

Google thrives on advertising, and some might even go as far as to say that Google bases its existence on ads. That is why the company launched a series of advertising programs which serve publishers and marketers.

One such app is AdWords, which recently received additional support in the form of an official mobile app designed for iOS.

By accessing the Home screen of the AdWords for iOS app, users have a clear overview of indicators, such as clicks and impressions, alongside the trends. With a few taps, users can switch between the data they consult and between the relevant time periods of their campaign.

With the aid of management tools, you may put a campaign on hold or re-start it, make daily adjustments to the budget and tweak the value of bids for ad groups and keywords. Billing information is easy to reach in another tab, and there is a section that gives hints to how you can enhance the performance of the campaign.

Should your campaign funds run out, the app will notify you instantly. Google support exists both in the form of Help documents and a tab where users may email/call the company and explain their issue.

AdWords works on any device sporting iOS 7 or above, and it is free for download from the iTunes App Store. If you are a publisher or marketer who has an Android device, the app has a version for you, as well. You may download the AdWords for Android app on Google Play.

Apple had a similar service, called iAd, which directly rivaled AdWords but was doomed from the start. With Apple's exclusivity and the omnipresence of Google in the advertising market, Apple eventually decided to boot the iAd App Network. Rumors say the company is thinking about transforming iAd into nothing more than an automated service.

Last year, Jerry Dischler, Google vice president of product management for AdWords, explained that this is a particularly good time for online advertising campaigns. Numbers showed that the number of Google searches on mobile devices surpassed the searches made on desktops and tablets.

"People are saying that mobile is all about apps, but we think mobile is about the always-on consumer," Dischler told Venture Beat at the time.

Check out the video below to see exactly how AdWords for iOS can benefit your online campaign.

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