Google Assistant adds a Workday Routine to help you manage your time


Back in 2017, Google introduced a new feature for the Google Assistant called Routines. The feature is inarguably one of the most powerful features offered by the virtual assistant, as it lets users trigger a string of commands when they say a predefined phrase. Users can set up Routines to do everyday tasks like turning on the lights in their home and playing music when they say a command like “OK Google, good morning.” And there are a host of other use cases for the feature. Now, Google is adding yet another Routine to the Google Assistant to help users set up a better work routine at home.

The new Workday Routine has been designed to automatically remind users of all the things that they need to do throughout a workday. This includes things like staying on top of their calendar appointments, taking a break from their desk, and so on. Once the new Workday Routine rolls out to your device, you’ll be able to enable it from within the Assistant settings. In the settings, you’ll get the option to pick from one of the pre-set routines or you can create your own to suit your needs.

The pre-set Workday Routines include things like getting sedentary reminders every day at a specific time, reminders to stay hydrated throughout the day, and more. The Workday Routine will also include hourly reminders so that you don’t lose track of time and miss an important meeting. As per a blog post from Google on the matter, the feature will initially be available in English, and it will give you the option to completely customize the Assistant actions and time blocks to fit your schedule.

Source: The Keyword