Google brings Core ML support to TensorFlow Lite

Google today released a tool that converts Apple’s Core ML .mlmodel file format into .tflite for use with TensorFlow Lite, a version of Google’s open source program for the training and implementation of AI models.

The converter was made in collaboration with Apple, according to a Google developers blog post.

Like TensorFlow Lite, Core ML gives developers a framework to quickly add AI services like object identification or natural language processing to apps.

TensorFlow Lite developer preview for makers of iOS and Android apps was first made available last month. Created especially for the deployment of AI in mobile devices, TensorFlow Lite comes prepared to deploy some premade models, such as MobileNet and Inception-v3 for object identification with computer vision and Smart Reply for suggested responses.

Both Core ML and TensorFlow Lite were announced this spring at respective developer conferences for Google and Apple.

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