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Google Camera Go now allows you to take photos in HDR via budget phones: Know details

Google recently introduced the toned-down version of its Camera app — the Camera Go app — for low-budget smartphones. Since then, the company has been adding new features to the app to bring cool camera features to affordable phones and the latest addition is the HDR mode.

Google Camera Go gets HDR mode

After being rumored to launch for a while, HDR mode is now available within the Google Camera Go app for users to capture high-quality and bright images. The announcement was made via a tweet through Android’s official Twitter handle.

In case you don’t know what HDR is, it is called High Dynamic Range, and as the name suggests it increases the dynamic range of a given image with some tweaks to enhance the overall output of the images with more details and brightness.

Google, back in October, announced that it is working on the HDR mode for the Camera Go app when it added the Night mode to the app. The company has been increasing the app’s capabilities with new features and so far, it has added three features: HDR mode, Night mode, and Portrait mode.

Camera Go keeps getting better. We’re bringing HDR to more #Android devices, allowing you to capture photos with crisper details and richer color at any time of day. pic.twitter.com/mk8uByB6bK

— Android (@Android) December 17, 2020

To refresh your memory, Google announced the Night mode for entry-level Android smartphones to take detailed images in low or no light conditions. The Portrait mode to take images with depth effect was added before that. The Google Camera Go app made its entry in March this year as an attempt to bring about premium features to low-end smartphones and improve their functionality.

Much like the previous two features, HDR will also reach devices such as Nokia 1.3, Wiko Y61, and Wiko Y81 eventually. Although, results are bound to vary on different phones.

Since Google is frequently adding new, high-end features to its Camera Go app, we can expect low-end phones to soon get well-equipped with hyped camera capabilities currently available for mid-range or high-end phones.

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