Google Chrome Shouldn’t Drain Your MacBook’s Battery Anymore

MacBook in a users hand while walking

Google Chrome is arguably one of the best web browsers for most people, but it’s no secret the browser drains battery life and resources, especially on Mac. Thankfully, Google recently announced some significant behind-the-scenes changes to ensure the Chrome browser doesn’t drain your MacBook battery.

In a blog post last week, Google confirmed that its new memory and energy saver modes would maximize performance and battery life on Macs with Apple’s new silicon and older devices. More importantly, the latest Google Chrome version 110 with all the changes is rolling out this week to users.

According to Google, the new M2-powered Macbook Pro running macOS Ventura and Google’s new Chrome Browser can browse the web for nearly 17 hours on a single charge. Furthermore, it claims users can watch YouTube videos for almost 18 hours thanks to all Chrome’s battery and performance enhancements.

However, Google didn’t share details on how big these improvements matter to older MacBook devices on the M1 or Intel chipsets, but it’ll likely still give users a performance boost.

For example, when your laptop battery goes below 20%, Google Chrome automatically starts sipping on the battery by limiting visual effects, animations, and slow background activity. Then, the new memory saving mode will free up RAM, so new tabs run faster.

Again, all these changes are rolling out now with the latest Google Chrome version 110 update. So, make sure you’re on the newest release and enjoy the benefits.

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