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Google could soon replace Duo with Meet for all users

Google Duo is reportedly going to be sacrificed very soon. The company is going to replace Duo with Meet for all its users. This was pointed out by 9to5Google this week, suggesting the Duo team was also surprised by this decision. The report doesn’t give us a timeline for this transition but expect the changes to happen in the near future. Duo made its debut just few year back in 2016. And while we still don’t know the reason behind this move. It is assumed that Google wants to streamline its product lineup.

Meet has been reinvigorated to compete with Zoom and Microsoft Teams in the market. Due to the pandemic, video conferencing tools have become popular, and Google brought Meet with host of changes to meet that demand. It also offered free access to the service for millions which is available till September and could get extended further.

By replacing Duo with Meet, Google will integrate the features from former, like end-to-end encryption. However, the biggest addition would be the ability to make video calls just by using the mobile number of the person. Meet was also integrated into Gmail few weeks back, and it seems Google is putting all the bets on Meet to become a market player. We’ll still prefer to hear the details about this development from Google, as to whether lights will be turned off on Duo or not.

Google Meet gets noise cancelling feature in India

The popular video conferencing platform now supports noise cancellation feature in the country. Using this feature, people will be able to reduce background noise while attending video or audio calls on Google Meet. The feature made its global debut in April, and now users in India can enjoy its benefits. It works on Meet web version for now, and mobile users will get very soon.

You can enable the new feature by heading to Settings, Audio on Google Meet and turn on noise cancellation. Meet’s feature works regardless of whether you are speaking or not. So when you are talking, the sound of a dog barking or even you slamming away on your keyboard can be cancelled out.

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