Google creates tools to help businesses improve mobile site performance


Mobile websites are increasingly revenue drivers, argues Google

Google today announced two business tools designed at helping companies improve their mobile websites.

The tech giant believes that better-designed websites enable upsurges in yearly revenue of $255,000 for an average company if they improve the speed of their mobile sites, with 92% of UK citizens using a mobile device - often to browse sites to make purchases, according to Google's latest Consumer Barometer study.

This puts mobile at the heart of successful businesses, but many companies have failed to adapt accordingly and ensure they have mobile-friendly websites. Google's own research has indicated that 53% of visits are abandoned if the loading speed of a mobile site takes more than three seconds.

With this in mind Google revealed two tools today at MWC 2018 in Barcelona to help organisations understand how significant mobile sites can be to their cash influx.

Google’s first tool is the Speed Scorecard, through which companies can measure their mobile speed performances. By entering a site URL, the scorecard pits them against the top brands across 12 countries based on data from the Chrome User Experience Report. Through this companies can gauge how fast their sites are in relation to the top performers.

The second tool is the Impact Calculator, which allows companies to understand how much additional revenue can be accrued from improving mobile page speed simply by entering the URL again. This provides companies with useful insights into how diversifying their accessibility and increase their earnings considerably.

As recently as 2016 it was revealed that mobile devices were becoming the default source for web browsing according to StatCounter, accounting for 51.3% of web searches. The research also revealed a gap between older markets who favoured desktop usage, such as USA and the UK, and newer markets like India opting for mobile.



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