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Google extends unlimited Meet video calls for all users till March 2021

Google has shared important news with users this week. Most people thought that after September 30, video calls via Google Meet will have a time limit. But the company has decided to extend the deadline up to 31 March 2021. Earlier it was expected video meetings on Meet for free users will be limited to 60 minutes but that’s not the case anymore.

Back in April, Google had announced unlimited usage of Meet for video meetings. And looking at its growth over the past few months, it seems Google has decided to push the idea a little longer. According to Google, people can benefit from using the free Meet service during the festive period. And any extra push to appeal to users will most likely work in its favor. After all, Zoom for free users limits meetings up to 45 minutes. To counter that, Meet video calls for unlimited time is a sweet deal indeed.

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This will also attract businesses to continue using their Suite package, rather than move to Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Google has made some nifty changes to Meet, allowing users to access the platform via multiple devices. Meet was also integrated into Gmail for all users, letting them take calls with a single click. Apart from that, Meet also works through Chromecast and Nest Hub displays now.

Google Meet hardware for businesses launched

Google has come up with a hardware series that purely works in tandem with Meet. The product called Series One, which as per Google, is the first meeting room hardware. You have an 8-channel speaker with noise cancellation and a Next Hub Max for controlling the activities. There’s also a webcam to make video meetings possible. The company will be powering this device using its expansive set of capabilities. And without a doubt, the company believes that businesses are now keen on getting a product that enhances workplace meetings.

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