Google Home 2.30 rolls out with full Nest Thermostat controls


Google today began rolling out an update for its Google Home app that introduces support for the latest Nest Thermostat. Google previously said the Home app would be the primary way to control the company’s newest smart home thermostat.

With the version 2.30 update, users will no longer need to rely on the Nest app, like when setting up the thermostat. Previously, the Google Home app only let you change the temperature and cool mode of your Nest Thermostat. To change any other setting, you had to open the Nest app.

In addition to being able to adjust temperature and other settings, the update will also allow users to see their energy dashboard. On the thermostat’s main screen, users will see the current temperature, which they can adjust by dragging the dial or pressing the plus or minus buttons. There are also buttons for different modes, temperature presets, hold temperature, and fan. If you click on the temperature preset option, you’ll see settings for Comfort, Eco, and Sleep temperatures, which can be edited at any time.

Google Home 2.30 is rolling out now on the Google Play Store, but it’s also available on APKMirror for those who want to sideload it.

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Featured image credits: Google Nest on YouTube

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