Google Maps dark mode on Android finally rolls out

Google Maps users, it looks like dark mode is finally coming to the app. The feature was always there on the platform, but it will only turn on with the navigation when it is dark outside. But the system-wide Maps dark mode was missing from the lineup. Especially since dark mode comes as a theme choice with Android 10 and later versions. And this week, this report says, few users on Android 11 have spotted the dark mode feature on Maps. The theme is available for those using the version 10.51.1 of the app.

Google Maps is one of the last apps, yet to support the popular theme. However, it’s possible that switching colors of Maps, which includes locations, streets, and more have been harder than imagined. This is similar to how WhatsApp took its time to offer a dark theme on the platform. They simply wanted to make sure the addition of a new theme is blended into the app experience and not just a botched up job for the sake of it.

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According to a new report via 9to5Google few weeks back, the company was testing the full-fledged rollout of dark theme for Maps. With the new version of Maps on Android 11, the settings will give you Appearances option. Using that, you can choose from regular theme, dark theme or use system default theme. The rollout is still at a primitive stage, so we don’t expect everyone to get it in the next few months.

Google Maps to give more COVID-19 details

Google announced Maps will soon start showing detailed information of COVID-19 outbreaks in local areas. This will make sure users can plan their travel accordingly, especially if they are going to a COVID-infected area. Google pointed out the feature will be available by clicking on ‘COVID-19 info’ which will be available on the top right-hand corner of the screen. Using Maps, you can then get to know the pattern of increase or decrease in cases over the past week or so. Details like these will help determine if you’re safe visiting or should avoid going altogether.

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