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Google Photos adds new controls for shared photo albums

Google Photos is arguably the company’s most popular service and it continues to get better. Sharing photos is a big part of storing photos in the cloud, which is why Google makes sure it’s easy to do so. Last year, Photos added a feature for sharing photos in a messenger-like UI. Now, Google is making it easier to share photos again with new controls for shared albums.

Users will now have the option to share albums from Google Photos with anyone who has a Gmail/Google account. This gives users more control over who’s added to the album because they’re directly adding specific people. The “Send in Google Photos” carousel now reads “Invite to Album.”

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Previously, sharing albums could be done in a similar way, but it was not the default method. When a user is invited to an album they will get an email and a Google Photos notification. Users can also remove people from albums at any time, removing all of their photos and videos in the process.

Generating a link is no longer required to share an album, but it is still possible. This is the easiest way to invite a group of people or someone who may not be on Google Photos or have a Google account. Link sharing can be turned off at any time and the owner decides who can contribute to the album.

Look for these features to be rolling out this week to Google Photos. As Google mentions in the blog post, people are sharing more photos than ever as we’re stuck at home away from friends and family. Shared albums are a great way to keep others in the loop.

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