Google Pixel 5 appears in real life images


Google’s Pixel 5 is rumoured to be unveiled in just a few weeks and the latest leak shows the device off in some real life images, confirming many of the previous reports.

The images tweeted by Jose Antonio Ponton (@japonton) show the reported Pixel 5 from the front and the rear.

Several rumours have suggested the Pixel 5 would sport a punch hole front camera, along with a square rear camera housing in the top left corner – similar to the Pixel 4 – both of which are presented in the latest images.

While the device name on one image says the Pixel 5s, as does the tweet itself, we think it’s just because it’s an early sample, rather than evidence of a Pixel 5s.

A physical fingerprint sensor is shown on the rear in the images, as rumours have suggested in the past, and the body appears to have the same finish as the official leaked image from Google, which shows the Pixel 5 off from the side.

There isn’t much more information from the images, except for that the device runs Android R – also known as Android 11 – which was always expected.

Rumours suggest Google will announce the Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G at an event on 30 September, which would be a little earlier than usual.

You can read all about the specifications expected for the Pixel 5 in our rumour round up, as well as the Pixel 4a 5G in our separate feature.

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