Google Pixel 7 Pro durability test video shows weird camera module problems


Pixel 7 Pro durability 1

Popular YouTuber JerryRigEverything has done a Google Pixel 7 Pro durability test to see how well-built the phone is. While it managed to survive the stress test, it could only do that barely. To recall, Google Pixel 7 Pro is the company’s latest premium phone that features top-of-the-line specifications such as a 2K AMOLED display, 2nd gen Tensor SoC, and a 50MP triple camera layout. For the first time in two years, the Mountain View giant has launched its top-of-the-line Pixel offering in India as well.

The JerryRigEverything video shows the Pixel 7 Pro is made from 100 percent recycled aluminium. The side frame is not plastic; instead it is metal, which makes the phone look premium and elegant. However, the video notes there is a problem with the rear camera bump. Here’s what it is.

Pixel 7 Pro durability test

The Pixel 7 Pro durability test started with the display, which is covered by Corning Gorilla Glass Victus. Much like most phones, we see scratches at level 6, with deeper marks on Level 7. This is pretty expected from a flagship offering these days and shows the phone indeed has scratch-resistant glass.

Moving to the second phase, the video shows the Pixel 7 Pro has a metal frame, including the volume rocker and power buttons. The rear camera bump is also made of metal but it is painted to give a dual-colour tone design that looks distinguished. However, the problem now here is the bump gets scratched very easily even with the slightest contact with keys, coins, or any other pocket items. This looks ugly especially after paying a premium price.

The back panel glass is also prone to scratches and they are clearly visible. Then we move to the burn test. The handset has a 1500nits peak brightness that burns the Pixels on the screen at the 20-second mark and doesn’t go back to normal. However, the display is still functional and working.

Lastly, the video moves to the bend test. While the phone doesn’t bend and break in two we hear cracks near the camera bump and there’s flex right at the antenna line. This indicates the phone is not so strong around the camera area and better to use it with a case.

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