Google Pixel specs, photos & details leaked ahead of launch


Carphone Warehouse accidentally spills beans ahead of tomorrow’s event

The latest Nexus device, newly-rechristened as the Google Pixel, has been accidentally revealed, confirming long-standing rumours about the new phone.

According to 9to5 Google, Carphone Warehouse accidentally revealed a treasure trove of information about the forthcoming device, including promotional slides, photos and specs.

The main changes are in branding; as was widely rumoured, the Nexus stamp on the device’s rear is no more, and has been replaced with a simple Google ‘G’.

The casing has also changed. It’s now an iPhone-style rounded aluminium shell, but sports an interesting half-and-half back, where the top third is replaced with glass.

Like the previous Nexus 5X and 6P models, the fingerprint scanner is still located on the rear of the handset, and it features the increasingly ubiquitous USB Type-C charging standard.

Two models are being released – the 5in Pixel, and a larger, 5.5in Pixel XL. Leaked specs indicate that they’ll both be outfitted with Snapdragon 821 CPUs and 4GB of RAM.

The Pixel will have a 2,770mAh battery and a resolution of 1,080 x 1,920, while the larger device will have upgrades in both departments to the tune of 3,450mAh and a 1,220 x 2,560 resolution.

On the software side, the phones are set to ship with Android 7.1, which looks like it may include Duo and Allo, the company’s two new communication apps. Google Assistant will also be fully rolled out, taking the place of Google Now.

This information looks likely to be accurate, but we’ll be bringing you more information from the launch event tomorrow when the official details are revealed.

20/09/2016: Google could be launching Pixel phone in October

Google may be getting ready to launch its new Pixel smartphone. It announced it will be holding an event on 4 October.

In a tweet, Google published a short video of what looks like a search bar gradually turning into the outline of a phone. The tweet also had the hashtag #madebygoogle and a link to a website for the event. Google is calling the event “tenfour”.

The website itself is rather cryptic. Again the outline of what looks like a smartphone but with random pictures displayed within that outline, hinting perhaps at a better camera. Visitors are invited to leave an email address in order to keep updated on “devices from Google”.

Various rumours persist that Google could be dropping the Nexus brand in favour of its new Pixel brand, which has been used on the firm’s tablets and laptops. The shape of the outline corresponds to leaked picture purporting to be the new Pixel phone as well as its bigger sibling, the Pixel XL.

As with the Nexus range, Google won’t be making the phone itself, with manufacturing left to HTC to do (minus any HTC branding), according to rumours. According to Android Police, the smaller phone will retail at $649, with the Pixel XL costing more. There will also be a range of cases and other accessories to go with the new phone. All will be available via the Google Store.

Other reports point to the 4 October event as also being used to launch a new Chromecast with support for 4K video. Also, details for Google Home, its ‘smart hub’, may feature in the event.


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