Google releases Chrome Canary for Android

Google has just released Chrome Canary for Android. Chrome Canary is the cutting edge version of the Chrome web browser by Google which has just been available for desktop devices previously.

Chrome users on Android who wanted to run development versions of the web browser had to use the beta or developer edition of Chrome for that until now.

The release of Chrome Canary for Android changes that as it makes available the most cutting edge but also the least stable version of Chrome.

The Google Play store listing of Chrome Canary lists the release as unstable. If you read on, you will notice further warnings. In particular, that the release has not been tested, and that it may be unstable, or fail to run at times.

Chrome Canary for Android

chrome canary android

Additionally, Google warns that Chrome Canary for Android will be updated frequently. The company states that Chrome Canary may receive up to seven updates per week, and that updates may consume 100 Megabyte of bandwidth.

This can be particularly troublesome for Android users on limited plans who have configured Chrome to update over cellular data as well.

Chrome Canary is the first version of Chrome that receives improvements and changes. These are then carried over to the Dev version of Chrome, then Beta, and finally to the Stable release version of the browser.

This means that it is ideal for enthusiasts, developers, and anyone else interested in running the most up to date version of Google Chrome on Android. Developers can test sites or applications with Chrome Canary earlier now than before, as Canary gets new feature additions and improvements before the Dev build.

The Chrome Canary page does not list compatibility information, only that it varies with devices. The browser installed fine on a Android 5.1.1 device.

Developers and enthusiasts can install Chrome Canary for Android next to other Chrome versions for Android. In fact, it is possible to install all four Chrome version — Stable, Beta, Dev and Canary — on the same device and use them independently of each other.

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