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Google Workspace users can finally use Assistant on smart displays and speakers

Google Workspace accounts are great for users within a company as they give you most of the benefits of having a Google account applied within your company’s specific context, but trying to use one as a regular Google account yields some interesting results. While they’re technically just another Google account, it’s weirdly crippled in some aspects. One of them is support for Google Assistant. Google Assistant on Workspace accounts has extra work-related features meant to integrate into your workspace, but it used to be a famously glaring omission from these accounts compared to regular Google accounts. And even then, you couldn’t use it on smart displays and speakers. Today, that changes.

The newest update to Google Workspace adds support for Google Assistant on smart displays like the Google Nest Hub, as well as smart speakers like the Google Nest Audio and other Assistant-powered smart speakers. Previously, it was only available on Android smartphones, meaning that Workspace users couldn’t take advantage of these devices, which are tightly integrated with the Google Assistant. You can also fully utilize the work-related features specific to Workspace users, like dialing in to a meeting, sending an email to a co-worker, or checking your calendar, as well as other Assistant features. Support for smart displays and speakers was previously available, but it was available in a beta stage. Now, it’s fully available to all Workspace users.

Workspace admins will need to enable Search and Assistant for these devices in order to ensure users can access Workspace data through Assistant. If admins enable home devices, they can also define whether the device must authenticate using either Voice Match or Face Match. All in all, though, having Assistant support on Workspace accounts should allow for users to have a more complete experience while using their account on Google’s hardware ecosystem.

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