Google’s Pixel 8 Pro Could Gain a Curious New Sensor

Close up of the Google Pixel 8 Pro based on leaked information.

Just one day after a Pixel 7a leak, we’re getting our first look at the Pixel 8 Pro. New renders from @OnLeaks and Smartprix show some interesting changes in Google’s upcoming flagship, including a mysterious new sensor on the camera bar.

At a glance, the Pixel 8 Pro looks identical to its predecessor. But it appears to use a flat display, and its three rear cameras are now contained in a single black blob (as opposed to two separate blobs). The bezels of this device also look very thin, which may explain why the Pixel 8 Pro ditches a curved display.Close up of the Google Pixel 8 Pro based on leaked information.

Render of the Google Pixel 8 Pro laying on its side based on leaked information

Render of the front and back of the Google Pixel 8 Pro based on leaked information

And, of course, there’s that curious sensor under the camera’s flash. My gut tells me that this is a depth sensor, which could enhance photography (and especially portrait mode, which aims to create a sense of depth). That said, it could also be a macro camera, a black-and-white camera sensor, or a fancy LiDAR sensor.

To be clear, these renders are based on leaked information—they aren’t official images. This is common practice among leakers, as it helps protect sources. Historically speaking, @OnLeaks’ renders are usually accurate, though we should approach this leak with a bit of skepticism. It’s a very early leak, after all.

The Pixel 8 Pro is expected to launch in October of 2023. Google may also launch the Pixel Fold this year, though we’re not sure when.

Source: @OnLeaks, Smartprix

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