Google's Stadia store finally gets a search bar

Google might be the original king of search, but that doesn't mean it always knows how to use it best. Case in point - its Stadia service launched without a search bar to find games on its storefront, and continued without one until just now.

Thankfully, Google has seen its own light and added a search function that makes it way easier to find the games you want, including the ability to filter and see results by genre. The same is also true of your own library, so you'll be zipping around more quickly from now on.

For now, though, the change is only live for the desktop client, and hasn't yet arrive for Stadia's mobile versions.

It's a key change, as much as it's a basic one, with Stadia still adding new games to its service. As anyone who uses Steam regularly will attest, massive games libraries and store catalogues make solid search tools an absolute necessity.

While the tweak isn't groundbreaking, it's also a small measure of demonstration that Stadia is still a platform that Google is looking to actively support and develop in the months and years to come, despite rumours to the contrary.

With new games being added regularly and an expanding roster of titles included in a Stadia Pro subscription, it's still well worth trying the service out if you've got broadband that's reliable enough to support it.

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