'Gran Turismo Sport' Announces Closed Beta, 'Driver Profile' Feature Previewed [TRAILER]

The PlayStation YouTube channel shared a new Gran Turismo Sport trailer from Polyphony last week to accompany the announcement of closed beta. According to Polyphony, the initial phase of the closed beta will begin on Friday, March 17. Registrants with U.S. PSN IDs may check messages on the PS4 dashboard to check for an invitation. According to the team, the time difference between the U.S. and the development team in Tokyo is the most optimally suited to record data. As the beta continues to move forward, Polyphony expects to gradually increase the sample size of beta participants in stages.

So what can we expect from the beta? Polyphony’s servers will be open for users during specific times of the day. Via PlayStation blog, the beta will offer a small rotation of car and circuit options each day for online multiplayer in beta.

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“Track and car selections will vary during this period, and we made sure to offer different race class categories and course configurations to properly test our GT fans,” posted Gran Turismo creator Kazunori Yamauchi.

GT Sport Driver Profile The ‘Driver Profile’ of GT Sport.

The beta will also be the first time players will get to experience Gran Turismo Sports’ new Driver Profile. The new feature will log a player’s behavior and performance on the track, which will then be reflected on a Sportsmanship Rating and Driver Rating, respectively. With these scores, Gran Turismo Sport hopes to better ensure well-matched lobbies in GTS’ online races.

The Gran Turismo Sport closed beta will begin on March 17, but expect a larger Beta access for the community in the future. To enter a future GTS beta, be sure to click this link to sign up. Stay tuned as we learn more in the months ahead.


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