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‘Gran Turismo Sport’ Not Fully Playable On PSVR, Will Have ‘VR Tour’ Mode

Gran Turismo Sport announced it would support the PSVR ever since the game was announced at last year’s Paris Games Week. Before you get excited about popping on your PSVR headset and hitting the track, it turns out the game will not be fully playable in VR.

As mentioned by Videogamer on Twitter, Gran Turismo Sport will only offer a “VR Tour” game mode. This news has been attributed to the series’ creator, Kazunori Yamauchi. This means that basic racing will still require you to play using a TV.

As for when Gran Turismo Sport will actually come out, no new release date has been confirmed yet. The game was delayed until after 2016, so we should be expecting a release somewhere in early 2017. Perhaps the delay was related to the PSVR support, which is why Polyphony Digital never mentioned the VR-specific game mode before.

That being said, it still could be possible for a patch to be released that would enable PSVR support across all game modes. There has been no announcement of a potential patch, but maybe we’ll be surprised with a post-launch VR fix.

If you’re curious to see what Gran Turismo Sport will look like in VR, an off-camera hands-on video has been uploaded to YouTube by user Griswords. If this is what the “VR Tour” mode will be like, it seems it will be a simple track to drive a few laps on.

So what do you think? Are you disappointed that Gran Turismo Sport will only be limited to one game mode for PSVR? What other games do you want to see get a VR mode? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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