'GTA Online' Gunrunning Update Arrives June 13: Rockstar Reveals Underground Bunker, Mobile Operations Center And More

You want to make real money? Work hard, get a degree, and pursue an honest career, said no GTA Online DLC ever. Via Rockstar Newswire, the next GTA Online Gunrunning update officially arrives on Tuesday, June 13, for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Last week, Rockstar shared some new screenshots, but today we finally get to see an official trailer. It looks like really good fun, too – a subterranean bunker, a Mobile Operations Center, new weaponized vehicles, and more will aid in your quest to become the new kingpin in the underground San Andreas gun trafficking industry.

Previously, Rockstar shared images of the new bunker, weapons, vehicles, and more. Perhaps the two most interesting vehicle additions are the MOC, a sophisticated trailer with every conceivable amenity necessary to run your biz, and this bizarre flying motorcycle.

GTA Online Gunrunning Mobile Operations Center GTA Online Gunrunning flying motorcycle

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GTA Online Gunrunning Bunker GTA Online Gunrunning APC GTA Online Gunrunning Dune Buggy