Here are your wildest Xbox + Bethesda E3 2021 Showcase predictions

The Xbox E3 of dreams and nightmares.

The wait is nearly over! E3 is just a few weeks away. We're currently in the process of preparing our official predictions for the Xbox + Bethesda Showcase, but in the meantime, we took to Twitter to hear what some of you want to see at E3 2021. Our featured video shares your wildest takes.

We asked and you delivered

Earlier this week our ol' pal Jez Corden challenged the Xbox community on Twitter to drop their wildest, most unrealistic predictions for Xbox's E3 2021 showcase. I spent some serious time scouring this thread to find the most absurd, unbelievable, and unlikely bombshell possibilities you sent our way. From ridiculous acquisitions to hilarious celebrity cameos, some of you dropped pure gold. While there were a great deal of amazing predictions from our community, we could unfortunately only choose the most outlandish of the pack.

Hit me with your most insane, unrealistic, fantastical E3 2021 Xbox predictions. ??

— Jez Corden (@JezCorden) May 25, 2021

Do you want to see more community-focused content?

We enjoy finding new and fun ways to engage with our community. Our wild Xbox predictions video was our first foray into this style on our Windows Central Gaming channel. We'd love to hear your thoughts on this format. Would you be interested in seeing more regular community-driven content like this? Are there any other topics or ideas you'd want to see delivered in a similar fashion? Let us know in the comment section below!

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